Friday, May 15, 2009

Personal goals....

Personal goals are something many of us set.....but some of us never follow through, I would know Im that kind of person :) I figured I dont blog "personally" much anymore, but want too. So Im thinking I should use this as my goal journal! Things I want to do.....
1. Work on my spirituality. I have a testimony and know the gospel is true, and have a great faith in my savior, sometimes I feel that I dont do the things I promised him.
2. Work on my inner self. How can one work on there outerself if they cannot love who they are on the inside? Im working on not placing judgment on anyone before i know them regardless. Im also working on yoga 3 times a week to both cleanse myself mentally and physically.
3. Spend more quality time with my family. This means that I have to make business goals. I have to make a work schedule and stick to it, no matter what. Its not fair to do that to my family so photography goals are a comin!
4. Work on my "sacred heart" I have always wanted to do something in my life and feel more than ever now, that this is one of my many missions. Hopefully I can explain more about this in detail soon.

Anyways its nice to have goals and I encourage everyone out there to set goals and better yet why not do it in writing :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

An update...

Things are crazy round here! Unfortunately the family blog lacks when things are busy, which is sad because thats the most important thing, my family :) We have sheetrock in part of our basement yay! We still have to do the ceiling but its a start! So here are some pics of the sheetrock and a recent outing i had with brenley she just loves rainboots seriously it was funny because last summer she would wear them with shorts ha! She is a riot.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


My lovely photography stuff just stumped over in the corner, gives everyone an idea of how big my softbox is lol I always get asked that question :)

The cool arch our Framer built he rocks btw if anyone ever needs an honest framer that is very good at what he does Call Dave :)

Before the arch.

Photo jewelry!

Ive been missing in action sheesh!!!!! So lets see all the fun informative stuff.....

Mckenna: she is doing well, getting ready for soccer, does really well in school and is overall a great kid, she is such a helper :)

Brayden: Lost his two front teeth prematurely....I cant imagine that had anything to do with his 2 year old sisters amazing right hook, does well in school, and is way excited for baseball signups.
Brenley: well shes another sort.....loves using the word "what" 90 times a day, thinks she doesnt need a big girl bed even with spongebob sheets that her mommy and daddy's bed is just fine for her, and is thinks the potty is bad (yay for us blah)

Emil is currently unemployed (thank you economy) and is enjoying actually seeing his kids now and is focusing 100% on school right now. I am still doing photography and the home thing :) Ill try to contribute to this blog more, I know its missed me :)
Some fun things.....My dad always told me if I believe enough in something I would bet the farm for it, well considering Emil is unemployed now and we are living on my photography I figured okay nows the time so Im betting the farm and we are slowly but surely finishing our basement for my studio!!!! Im so excited but feel i need to be professional have a place to do my work indoors when needed. So Ill document some pictures of that :) Im also offering two kinds of photo jewelry for photography but I would sell them alone too, its easy to slide your very own picture in them way cute anyways thats our update :) Bloggie Ive missed you and will try to come back at least weekly :)

Friday, December 26, 2008


I hope everyone had a great christmas! I have lots of photos to post of course but I had to blog about this while it was still fresh. Brenley was so excited yesterday, she didnt realize until she woke up and came out that santa had come. We asked her who brought this and she replied, "Tanta." she cracks me up. So this morning she wakes up her daddy and says, "Daddy Daddy, Tanta. Toys!" Then proceeds to drag him out to our family room, where she was immediately saddened that he had not brought her more toys. I love kids, they are so innocent! I love it!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Check Check check it out.....

You wont regret it!

Just in time for the holidays, nothing like having a giving spirit! Good luck everyone!

Monday, December 8, 2008

You know how kids have a piece of my heart....

Lets do our part and help to make this boys Christmas wish come true! Merry Christmas everyone!

Christopher Bedgood is a 6 year old cancer patient in Houston County who has a rare form of cancer and is not expected to make it through the end of the year. This sweet little boy's CHristmas wish is to get as many Christmas cards as possible." If you could, send him a little card. Its a simple request.
American Cancer Society
Attn: Bedgood
804 Cherry StreetMacon, GA 31201